Hello and Welcome to Family Movie Night!

We're Dan, Jamie, Asher, and Gwen. We watch a movie together then talk about it. We focus on movies as story telling devices. We celebrate the things we love and wonder about the problems we see in movies. Jamie is a writer and actor. Asher (10) is brilliant, precocious, and endearingly prudish. Gwen (8) is also smart, sweet, and sometimes sassy. Dan tries to keep things from going out of control!

If you are new to our podcast We recommend you start with one of our favorite episodes about one of our favorite movies: Moana. If you would be entertained to hear us complain and tear something apart you can try A Christmas Prince or The Last Jedi. Another favorite episode of ours is Coco. We loved Coco, had some questions, and HATED the Frozen "short" we were forced to watch before the movie started.

We also recorded an introduction episode, Listen to it here!